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520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

superlight, how much did it cost for you to get your frame's paint stripped? And I know I could find this elsewhere, but I'm lazy so how much weight did you lose? The frame was scandium right, so did you get it clear coated or anodized? Thanks

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by Superlite

Well first off it wasn't painted, it had a powdercoat on it, so I beleive that it saved 2-3 times the amount that paint would. But it saved 114g on my bike, so with paint I'm guessing 40- 60g.

The next thing is it was a PAIN! First of all I had to find a stripper (not that kind of stripper :wink: ), but I quickley learned that you have to have a plastic media blaster to do it. Normal sand blasting is way to harsh and can ruin the frame, so plastic is a MUST! After I found the person to do it I had to leave him the frame for a week, which sucked! Then after that I had a scheduled appointment with the polisher to coincide with the frame being blasted( 3 week wait with him) so plan ahead!

The cost was $40 to get it stripped, $90 to get it polished. Since it's scandium it couldn't be annodized, but it didn't need it. Personally the whole experiance sucked and I would never do it again. The bike looked really cool, but there were spots the polisher couldn't get to being a built frame, nothing that you could notice though unless unbuilt or just looked really hard.

Plus it's risky to top it off, you could ruin your frame. Unless you frame is Ti or steel I wouldn't do it. So $130 to save 60g at the risk of ruining your ride? It's your call.

by Weenie

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