How to get rid of the glossy on my carbon rim??

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by jinxkal

Hey there, I bought this 60mm glossy rim off my mate last week. When i look at my bike set up, i prefer to have the all matte finish so it matches with my sandblasted titanium frame. So any advise to get rid of the gloss finish on it safely?

Any advise would be highly appreciated !

Cheers boys!
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by kermit

varnish with math paint.

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by hockinsk

Fine grade steel wool will remove the gloss look, then a little wipe with car wax works really well. Clearly if you don't like it, you've done some of the prep for getting them clear coated anyway. I've used steel wool on carbon bars, seatposts and stems and nobody would know they used to be glossy.

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by Gregorio

Also I think Scotch brite makes a synthetic pad just for this purpose.
You will need a case of beer to complete the task.

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by lancejohnson

Any fine abrasive sanding pad will work - be it steel wool, scotchbrite, or 3M, etc. Because it's a rim, and a simple shape, you should be able to get it done with 2-3 beers. I think a case might be overkill.

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by jinxkal

Cheers guys!

This is gonna be my first time doing this, my vary first time.

Step by step.

1- Use fine wool steel
2- Scrub it on the glossy surface ( do i need to put some water?)
3- Wash it abit once done
4- Let em dry and apply tire wax

Am i right guys? Cheers again guys!

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by CharlesM

Same reply as the matte finish bike thread...

3M™ Softback Sanding Sponge, 2601, 4 1/2 in x 5 1/2 in, Ultrafine.

just rub with a mild even pressure and keep turning the wheel. the somng will even out the pressure and it should turn out fine. Use long strokes...

I would also do it outside and wear a dust mask.

You might consider taping the brake track as well...

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by SL58

I use #2000 wet/dry sandpaper with water, very good results.
I used scotch bright on Ti but carbon is a bit softer.

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