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by Stoeperd

I've started several discussions with questions about wheels and read a lot of topics about them, and still don't know which I want. I want an aero shiny carbon clincher wheelset. And if there is broken a spoke or something with the hub I want that the parts are good replaceble. I'm thinking of Mavic Cosmic Carbon SL, Hed Jet 60 or Hed Alps or something else? Who's got the wheels and a close up picture of the rim.

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by Enforcer

Fsa rd-800 maybe?

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by Coolhand

Well those wheels are tubs, not clinchers. I don't think anyone even has the FSA tub version in stock yet, never mind the much more elusive clincher version which is roughly slated for "Fall"

The Cosmic Carbones are not really carbon wheels- the carbon is a fairing.

Check out the Reynolds Stratus DV Clincher- that appears to be the pick of the carbon clincher litter right now.

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by N.T

don`t forget Hed stinger.
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by andyrr

Stingers are tubs only too !

Alps ?

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by mrowkoob

andyrr wrote:Stingers are tubs only too !

Alps ?

Here is a closeup of mavic sl´s which are a fine choice if youre not looking for tubulars.
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by strobbekoen

Well.. first of all, what is the budget :shock:

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by jersievers

Don't get the HED 60. I have the Alps and they are a good deal, but the bearings aren't that great. If you are going for the look, the Mavics are great choice. They are probably the best performing of the wheels you have listed here too. They hubset and bearings are top notch. I have the Hed Alps and they are sweet wheels too, but I am going to have to figure out how to rebuild the rear hub and get better bearings in there.

The look of the actual rim of the wheels you have listed is about the same, the weave is identical. The mavic have black spokes, the HEDs are silver. They HED hubs look cool, but they mavics will perform better.

The only real all carbon version of clinchers are the Corima and Reynolds. That is the only real way to go to get light, deeper aero, and clinchers. Everyone want the light, deep, carbon clincher...well you will pay mucho $$$ for them.

If you want the "look" as you have mentioned there are plenty of options. Mavic might be the best.

If you want the performance, you should go with a tubie carbon wheel.

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by Stoeperd

I've just ordered the Mavic Cosmic Carbones today. I will get them about 2 weeks or something. And my LBS is making white stickers for me (the old and the new stickers). I will place pictures when I got them :D.
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by BMF

Next year the Cosmic Carbons will, according to Mavic atleast, be available with a full carbon rim. However they might just come in a tubby version. As stated before in this thread the Cosmic wheels have good hubs with easily exchangeable bearings, spokes are quite easy to fit and all over they are easy to maintane.
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