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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by flipflopper

I don't get how you guys choose your race bikes, I look at all those high-end bikes by orbea, giant, trek, cannondale, de rosa, felt, kestrel, etc. and all they all say is "our carbon is unique and no one can do it like us" and it weights 1100-1200 grams. the only exceptions i've found are scott (because it weights under 900g) and cannondale (because of their oversized BB shell.)

Does anyone have any advice? I know you can try these bikes a little, but I can't try a dozen bikes out in crits and high-speed decents. It almost seems there isn't much of a difference and it's all just marketing.

One more specific question, has anyone tried the cannondale six13? Does that nicer BB shell really increase power transfer? Only again to be skeptical, that seems like a strange question, because it's not as if, even when i'm sprinting, like my cranks are made out of rubber. But then i weight under 150lbs.

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by mouse

the biggest thing is proper fit. if your going to buy a high end race bike, a decent shop should let you take it for a test ride. obviously you can't race it, but you can try some sprints and hard cornering. just don't crash it. :wink:

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by mattpage

Find out if you prefer standard, semi-compact or compact geometry.

That will be a good start, and narrow your selection down.

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by strobbekoen

I was interested in the Giant because i liked it looks, the reviews were good and my gf is Taiwanese so i could get it for good price there :oops:

So i went to try one to see if the geometry worked for me and it fit me perfectly. I am 178cm tall which is at the medium-upper range of a medium size - depending how far your reach is of course. I changed the factory 12cm stem to a 10.5cm.

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by Leroni

always look at the size specs. that is the most important issue
then the emotion with the bike

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by jmgul

the last week I buy a Storck Scenario 1.1; A monocoque carbon frame. This model and the most of the frame of the other brands, are made in the Far East. Some elite brand put the technology and the design. Other simply buy the frame to the some manufacturers.

You must select into the important an acknowledged brand

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by lancejohnson

If you are looking specifically for a carbon bike and you are looking for something that is a lean, mean race machine, then Storck is a great choice. I know Marcus and he controls every little detail of how his bikes are made. The seat stay bond design, for example, is entirely unique and far and away the strongest in the world according to what I have heard.

The problem with Storck is that there are only a couple of sizes. If you need different geometry I would have to recommend Parlee. Bob makes what are undoubtedly the best custom carbon bikes in the world. I think Crumpton and others make beautiful bikes, but when it comes to 'turning a pedal in anger,' as Phil would say, Parlee can blow just about anyone's doors off.

Again, these are both racer's bikes. You will sacrifice a touch of comfort, but the geometries are great, the power transmission is incredible, and they can both be made weight-weenie-licious.

If you are considering materials other than carbon give the Temple Colibri a look (custom, so you get whatever geometry and design you want for no up-charge). Some have described it as the perfect frame, which sounds like a pretty good review to me...

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by Dr.Dos

As a beginner: buy something cheap that fits and is reasonably light. Anything below 8 kg real weight will do on any course.

flying wombat
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by flying wombat

For me it was a simple matter of what I could get through our sponsoring bike shop and when I could get it. They carry Giant and Orbea, but the Giant was not going to be available as a frameset for a couple of months so I bought the Orca. I am sure I would have been just as happy with the Giant. Buy what is a good deal and you can get fitted properly on and then go out and ride it a lot.
I have spent a some time on a number of high end bikes in steel, aluminum and titanium and agree that the differences are mostly marketing, it comes down to the rider much more than the bike.
I dont believe that for smaller riders the larger bottom bracket shell makes much difference. I havent been able to tell a difference between square taper, octalink, ISIS and external bearing to tell the truth.

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