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by marko

I see on cyclingnews.com that Discovery are drilling holes in the BB of their team bikes to allow water to drain. I have a carbon and scandium frame that I wish to do this. I suppose a small hole wouldn't bother anything, but I'm just not a rocket scientist so what do I know. Course there is already a screw hole there and whats another small one. I used to glue the cable guides on steel frames and use that hole as a drain whole, perhaps that is desirable. Anyone else drill a water hole, or is it not a good idea for the average joe.

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by Knut

I wouldnt worry about it. I have myself drilled a small (2 mm) hole in both my Ghost Team Scandium frame and my Scott Racing frame. Also my old steel roadbike has been on the recieving end of my drill. IMHO the rather large advantages outnumbers any real or percieved disadvantages.

That's just my .1€ and YMMV.

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by Leroni

i made a hole of 5.5 mm in the bb

the bb tube is not the weak point of your bike, colnago cut in the early days a logo out of it at the same size of the one on the head tube.

start your drill.

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by hottessa

it's to get over the UCI limit regulations. Ice is placed into the seatube to add weight. Bikes are weighed before stage and as the ice melts the bike gets below the UCI weight limit.
Otherwise why drill? To let water in
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by Boonen

you'll be surprised how much water can come into a frame when you ride it in the rain...

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by divve

All my bikes already had holes in the BB. Therefore I don't see a problem with drilling a small drainage hole. Do it at your own risk however :wink:

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by Joel

My bike was a pro bike and it has a 2mm hole in the BB and 2 1mm holes at the headset bearing

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by Luc

Why not directly from the factory ?

Did anybody there think that some of us are not always that lucky to ride everyday in the sun :roll:

:idea: :idea:
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