BB size for Trek 5500 frame

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by vashirak


Can anyone tell me what is the size of BB used for Trek 5500 Frame (2004)? I'm looking for the ISIS version, which would be a good choice in term of weight and durability?


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by nexusheli

I would bet money that it's a standard 68mm english thread... I meant to say; You'll probably want a 108mm spindle for a double, 115 for a triple, but make sure to check the recommendations of the crank manufacturer.

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by Boonen

ISIS and durability don't mix :wink:
My choice would be a FSA Platinum Pro Ti

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by mattpage

I have just checked my frame (2004, 5200)
The shell is 68mm. I can't be sure of the axle width, but I think it's either 108mm or 113mm.

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by fdegrove


ISIS and durability don't mix

If that's the case then Octalink and durability don't mix either....
Which leaves us with Campa and old Shimano square tapers and the Tune hexagonal tapered BBs....Hmmmm..... :?

Ciao, :wink:
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