Integrated fork on non integrated headset

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by CP

Is it possible?

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by fdegrove


Is it possible?

Technically speaking it quite likely is possible.
Visually it's really going to stick out like a sore thumb though..... :?

Ciao, :wink:
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by jersievers

Yeah it will work, look funny the opposite looks funny too.

You could turn a Scott into a single speed and put on fenders, but I wouldn't do that either.

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by drjones96

Specifically what fork are we talking about.

I have an Easton EC-90 SL which can go either way. I have it mounted to a non-integrated frame/headset. Looks great. There are other integrated forks out there that have a larger area around the headset race area. These may stand out a bit. Sort of the reverse effect of mounting a THM Scapula to a CR1 frame. It works, It's light, ....but man....looks weird.

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by Leroni

i have built once a 1" integrated fork in an 1"classic cane creek c2 headset.
the outer measurements of the head set was the same as the outer diam. from the fork.
so it was not ugly

i saw bikes integrated, with a normal fork that was realy ugly.

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by Bigfoot

From this link: can see some pictures of integrated fork / normal headset combo. Last two pictures show, that it doesn´t look bad at all.

Not my bike btw.

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by campymatt

I had a Look HSC 4 integrated fork on my last bike and I ran a standard Chris King Headset. The fork crown matched perfectly with the lower bearing- looked great. The only problem is that the lower race that gets pressed on to the fork is VERY tight on the integrated forks. This can be remedied with a bit of sanding to the inside of the race, and removing any high spots on the fork. I will probably be cutting the race off the fork when I decide to remove it. This tolerancec will probably vary alot from fork to fork and different with headsets.

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by madcow

There are some some cases also where this will not work. Some forks do not use a removeable race they have a built in race, if your headset does not match this race then it will not work.

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