Look Keo Max 2 vs Keo Blade?

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by boysa

Rich-Ti wrote:So it sounds like the 12Nm blades are secure enough then?

For me, the 12Nm is plenty. Put it this way... quite a few times I've cruised up to a red light, and my first thought when I get ready to swing my foot out is, "Damn, my foot's stuck!" But then it pops right out. What I'm trying to say is that I find it more secure than my Keo Carbons. Make sense?
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by RichTheRoadie

It does, thanks :thumbup:

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by rrychter

So I decided to order the Blade 12NM while PBK had a 15% off sale.
Will let you know what they are like next week.

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by TimW

I got a pair of these and fitted them to the Viner at the weekend. Went for a 5 hr+ ride Monday.

Nice firm snap when clipping in, no problems releasing. Pedals hang at the correct angles. Big platform is nice to pedal on, no foot pain. I also went for the 12nm version. Haven't tried sprints or hill intervals yet to really test accidental release, but I don't think it'll be a problem.

Oh and 14g lighter than the Keo Ti pedals I had on the bike before.

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by 2tonedlegs

After 3 weeks of testing Keo Max 2, just want to say how disappointed I am. First time I stepped on to them, the cleats squeaked like a baby wanting his bottle. After 2 more weeks the right pedal started to have gaps on the rotation. Not unlike my previous Ultegras which lasted me 3 years without any issues, the Max 2 is falls really short.

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by mechanism

Hi, just got the blade carbons. The instructions say to mount to use a 15mm pedal spanner? I was hoping I'd be able to just mount them with my hex key/allen key as with the old Keo's.

Have I got this wrong?

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by boysa

Allen wrench works just fine.
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by maquisard

2tonedlegs wrote:First time I stepped on to them, the cleats squeaked like a baby wanting his bottle.

- They have also started squeaking for me as well after a couple of weeks riding, particularly noticeable on a wet days. The source seems to be the rubber stud on the bottom of the cleat and the metal platform. Old Keos didn't squeak as there was no metal platform, this did however mean that they wore out more quickly. Part of me wonders if buying a new pair of of Keos each year is better for my sanity than squeak squeak squeak! :shock:

- The only solution I have found is to put a few drops of teflon based lube on a rag and rub it on the platform and other contact points of the pedals before riding. This seems to help quite a bit.

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by Fitnerd

Sorry to revive this old thread but I'm about to order some replacements for my old Keo Sprints..

For those that have had a year of riding on your Keo 2 Max, did the squeaking issue continue to be a problem? Did the break-in period resolve the improper hanging issues?

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by neomoz

I just remove the center rubber bit on the cleat, you really don't need it, squeaking under hard effort goes away and to me the platform feels more stable. The slightly raised rubber section creates rocking imo.

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by Kayrehn

I got my brand new pair of keo blades off eBay for $190, and it's really not too hard to get it for around $200 regularly. My 16Nm version is very easy to clip on, and it's not overly difficult to unclip too (I like it this way).

I wonder if the tension of the pedals is dependent on the thickness of the blades - if the 16Nm blades are thicker, perhaps they will be more durable?

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Re: the "hang right" comment. Just get rid of the seal. I pull those things out all the time. I have 9 pairs of current Keos and pulled the seal out of all of them. Super smooth.

To the blades. I have the 16nm on my SLR and the 16nm TT specific pedals on my TT01. I like they way the feel. I rode/ride carbon steels and ti's and crank the tension all the way in (highest release tension) and run black cleats. If anything the 16nm is well below the tension of a full on cranked out Keo Carbon. However, the "ramp rate" of the tension is different on the blades. The normal Keos take a bit of movement to hit the spring and get tension, the 16nm blades push back almost instantly...... different. Not better just different. I likes :thumbup:

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by Leviathan

I run blades on one bike and Keo Max2 on the other. Struggle to tell the difference clipping in & out but I like the "click" of the blades more. 12Nm springs at (ahem) 85kgs and never pulled out even when I do stupid things...

Ive now fallen in races on both left and right Blades, and both times whilst Ive removed a hefty chunk of the corner of the plastic moulding on the bottom of the pedal (and my hip) the blades were untouched in both falls.

Dont think either of the sets "sit right" IMHO, but I just point the toe & clip in, you know when it feels right otherwise youre not riding enough... :lol:

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by bouddha

I have about 1000 miles on my Keo Ti Blades......Very light product , great performance!
Very satisfied with the 12N version which is plenty enough for me (I'm not a Cavendish clone .....).

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