Litespeed Ghisallo - Did I make a mistake???

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by spytech

Superlite wrote:Personally for a beginner like you I dont think building a $5000 bike right off the bat was very smart. It would be better to start on a less expensive bike for two reasons. One, you may not like road, two, a a lower end bike ussually has slightly different geomety in favor for a beginner, i.e. easier to control.

this is my first road bike, i have looked for deals everywhere. and i have spent almost $3800, i think its fine that he wants to get the best with his first bike. he can do it as long as he rides some of these bikes, gets a feel for them, makes sure thats what he wants - and hangs around here and takes some advice :)

But i have ridden a 2003 ghisallo, and if your a big guy with alot of power in your legs, i would say stay away from it.

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