Magnesium Ahead bung

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by mariocippollini

I seem to remember someone posting something about a realy light ahead bung for carbon steeres made out of magnesium, but i couldn't find the post anywhere.

Has anyone got any info?


PS To Naranja, I believe you attemted to correct my gramma on a previous post. However even though I am sure your English is far superior to my Spanish, your correction was inacurate. "I take it you like FRM stuff" does not have the same meaning as "I understand you like FRM stuff". Understand implies previous knowledge, where as my statement is more of a sarcastic question and only lacked a question mark as an exclamation mark seemed more appropriate due to the amount of "FRM stuff".

Hopefully we can keep the comments on the subject from now on, don't mean any offense just would rather talk bikes. :D

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by JTC

Not quite sure what you mean by "bung", but I assume you are talking about ahead set. I beleive Tiso makes one made out of mag. that weights 67g. They also have one made out of graphite/carbon that weighs 59g. I am thinking about this one myself. Any lighter ones out there?

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by Joel

Do you mean the plug? There was a post on it and Mura makesa mg one from 5g which you have to glue into the fork

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by Francois_Viviers

Ye I posted the info on that, basically you need to get in touch with Sandro and then measure the inner circumference of you steerer he will then make you a plug that you glue in. All sounds a bit dodgy to me, so I made my own one, which was just a mix an match from my graveyard of parts. I took the lightest expander bits and the ligtest expander nut. Mixed that with I think it was BTP alloy screw and carbon cap and it came in at 10-11 grams all up, wored well. I think the parts I used came of Giant generic plug and also extralite parts I owned.

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by mariocippollini

Cheers guys, the frame I'm getting is a giant so I will check out the bung that comes with that before investigating the magnesium one.

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by Superlite


Sorry, I couldn't resist. :lol:

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