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by lancejohnson

Is anyone familiar with the Challenge Triathlon tubulars? They look like a simple file tread with a nice supple sidewall - not really sure why they are called triathlon. I got a batch of those and the Forte (which I've used before and really liked) from the Excel Sports blowout that's going on right now - like $30 a tire - and wanted to know if anyone had any experience with them... I'm sure they were a great deal, just want to know how good...

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by nitropowered

The Triathlon tire is the same as the chrono but with added flat protection.

Usually "Triathlon" tires have a butyl tube but seems like challenge put a latex tube in there. Reason is the butyl tubes wont leak down as much pressure when the bike is left overnight in the transition area

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by rc32

Yeah, that Excel deal is nice isn't it? :mrgreen:
I ordered a bunch of the Fortes and the Criteriums and also bought the Criterium and Triathlon Clinchers.

Those Triathlons are good.I had used one of the Triathlon tires before when I borrowed a wheel from him in a race and found it to be quite nice. Can't tell if it had a butyl or latex tube, though.

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by marko

Challenge road tubs are very well made.

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by Sasha011

i dont believe it!
i just put a topic about clement tires which are chalengetech... :D
their website isn't ready yet, but I believe that the tires are made in thailand...
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by j_gantzer

Lance- This tire rocks. Its my all time favorite. fyi they where the first gen. zipp tires.

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