I tuned an AX-lightness Europa... using Coke. (Really!)

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by ephedyn

Firstly, I'm not paid by F&N Coca Cola. In fact, I don't drink coke. Secondly, if you were misled by this topic, this is actually a tutorial on DIY anodizing for $6. The full story is at my website (http://www.ephedyn.com), but I decided to put a summary here anyway.

I was changing the bolts on my AX seatpost to aluminium, so I decided to experiment with the original bolts, since I knew they were made of titanium. I only used 6 items to set up the anodizing apparatus:

(left to right) Takeaway fishball noodle soup, alligator clips, wire

(left to right) Power supply (can use batteries instead), aluminium foil, regular coke

You need to minimize contact between the clip and the bolt, so this was how I did it.

Here you can see the setup, more or less. The +ve wire goes to the bolt, and the -ve wire goes to the aluminium foil. I did it wrongly in this picture so the coke just fizzled around the bolt without anything happening. But if set up correctly, the bolt changes to a nice color after about 1 minute dipped inside the coke. The bolt and the foil mustn't touch, but aluminium foil floats very easily, so it's best to make a small square section of the foil and tape it to the side of the container. I applied 24V which gives it a blue coloration. Other possible colors (that's why there's no anodized black titanium):


Compare the anodized bolt with an original:
Higher resolution: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_j0vYt68oRrA/S1gvGyFK61I/AAAAAAAAAgk/vb7A9b3n1dk/s1600-h/P1040700.JPG

Oh, and it's the same if you use coke light... no difference here for weightweenies. The reason why this works is because of the high phosphoric acid content in coke. The difference between diet versions of coke and regular coke is that they use a protein sweetener, or less sugar, instead. So, enjoy your fishball noodles and coke :beerchug: as you anodize your parts!
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by Weenie

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by prendrefeu


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by Giant DK

Wow :shock: True spirit of WW!
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by Murphs

This is probably the coolest thing i've ever seen...

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by paddy

brilliant! :beerchug:

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by ephedyn

:wink: Thanks for the compliments.

Just a note to add. You need to use a dye for anodizing aluminium - probably not worth it to do it on your own. It's a little more complicated than for titanium. And you can 'anodize' titanium using a blowtorch too.

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by Rasmus

I need to sticky this. Excellent post.
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by devinci

yeah this deserves sticky, a DIY sticky or something like that.

you a genius man!!

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by xurde

:shock: no words

Any supermarket way to anodize aluminium??

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by daryl1

Great tutorial! I'd also be interested to see how aluminum is done!

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by climbingcue

Very cool, thank you for posting... I would need tons of coke to do my entire bike frame...

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by TheBugMan

Very nice ephedyn :no1:
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by pk0r

Great job there ephedyn!
You aren't by chance considering to apply for a job with us. :wink: :twisted:

Really nicely done - chapeau!!
(We have been considering to be offering the head elements in different colors as well just recently (...))
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by Weenie

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