SKF making BBs again

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by BikeTech

Perhaps we'll now see a durable ISIS BB design. Wonder how much it will weigh?


SKF bottom bracket
Bearing maker SKF's new bottom bracket comes in a wide range of road and MTB options for ISIS drive and square taper cranks, and boasts some interesting features designed to make it a tough and trouble-free unit.

The bottom bracket has a one-piece outer shell to equally support both bearings, and newly-designed seals to keep out water - which SKF believes are good enough to provide a ten-year life for the unit.

The spacing between the bearings is as wide as possible to increase stiffness and the right hand side is a roller bearing which SKF says is capable of better handling the loads of the drive side.

A version with a beefier spindle - achieved by using a smaller bore - is available for mountain bike freeride and downhilling applications.

Pic here...

I couldn't find anything at about the BBs... yet.

by Weenie

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by maxxevv

Samples are already out at some distributors apparently.

Here's a pict :


No indication of price as of date. Perhaps can ask if the people here are keen. But its no weight-weenie though.

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by spytech

Ah, this is the SKF BB Cyco posted some time ago. if the weight is not too much over 200g it would be nice, still not WW part, but those damn isis BB dont last long.

here is the link to Cyco post ... hlight=skf

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