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by marko

I bought the OLN deal and it says its connecting at 32k. I have somethink like 128. Do I need to go even higher to get a picture that doesn't need to rebuffer every 10 seconds. So far I see mostly still images.

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by ndbike

The problem probably isn't your internet connection but the fact that there are way too many people trying watch it at the same time and the provider of the video doesn't have enough bandwidth to accomodate everyone.

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by brianwchan

Uh oh, maybe you should try and get your money back.

EDIT: You do know it's free on rai sports? I watched it the other day, but I haven't been keeping up cause I can't understand. It's all in italian.

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by CaptainWilier

Is that ????

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by brianwchan

There was another thread just a couple days ago. Search up "giro"

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by marko

If you wait just long enough, lightweight naked italian chicks will flash across the screen.

Tim the Pineapple
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by Tim the Pineapple

OLN should be streaming at 373k & the RAI one is like 112K

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by Dalai


free daily streaming highlights from ... B0,00.html

Love how parochial the Italian commentators are, especially the older guy!! I understand very little Italian but could get an idea of how disgusted he was about the decision by the race referee and the 'Injustice' of Bettini's disqualification. Even though in the footage he clearly can be seen veering across a whole lane and forced Cooke into the barriers...

Interesting that todays highlights don't show the aerial view of the finish like on the previous days!

big fellow
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by big fellow

good link Dalai...have been checking that out as well

re the commentators, parochial is not the word - they are hilariously out of control..very amusing indeed

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by John979

Monday evening, I decided to subscribe, to RAI, a premium cable channel offered by Time-Warne -- $9.95 per month, plus $1.95 connection fee. I was immediately rewarded by being able to witness yesterday's finale and Baden Cooke's spectacular crash.

I intend to keep the subscription until August; hopefully, this will provide cycling coverage greatly expanded over OLN, which now considers bull riding a more lucrative market.

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