Powertap 2.4SL bearings

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by LastMile

rasmusic wrote:Image

Does anyone have have any suggestions on how to remove the axle from an SL+?

I've popped off both end caps, removed the freehub and am now at a stage similar to the picture above. There doesn't seem to be any way to unscrew the axle, so I assume it just slides out.

Would some gentle nudging from the non-drive side be the answer?

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by CrimsonKarter21

I believe you use an 8mm or a 10mm allen wrench to take off the freehub? It's been a while since I've done it.

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by LastMile

Succeeded in pressing new bearings into my PowerTap SL+ yesterday.

Here's the procedure I followed:

* Pulled both axle end caps off by hand
* Pulled freehub body off by hand with cassette still attached
* Gently tapped axle on the drive side with a rubber mallet to push out the non-drive side bearing
* Removed axle
* Turned axle around and used it to gently tap out the drive side bearing
* There are no electronics exposed inside the axle cavity, just a magnet taped to the axle
* Used bearing press to push in new 6902 bearing on the drive side
* Slid axle in the from non-drive side
* Mount freehub so bearing press would push against the cassette lockring rather than the drive side bearing
* Used bearing press to push in new 6802 bearing on the non-drive side (both axle and non-drive bearing push home)
* Reinstall axle end caps

Note, all surfaces were cleaned, degreased then lightly greased before pressing.

In the end the drive side bearing was fine, it was the non-drive side bearing that was barely turning at all. I popped the seal off the old bearing and there was more dirt than grease inside.


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by williamsf1

so to confirm replacement bearings are 4 x 6901?

I have just bought a 2.4 wireless PT and might go enduro zero ceramic at some stage soon...


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by williamsf1

Does anyone have any experience with replacing the bearings and how the unit performed after?

i.e. did it need calibrating?

I'm a bit concerned that there might be an issue with the torque tube not giving the correct reading after the unit is back together....


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by otoman

My LBS recently replaced my 2.4SL bearings with no issues whatsoever.
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by Tug Boat

I did an old hub of mine a few months ago. No problems. It had the cartridge on one side and loose ball bearings on the other. I replaced all the bearings and have had no ill effects.


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by slim83

Hey all,

I recently had to replace the bearings in my powertap 2.4 SL. I had play in the axle and it was getting annoying. I ordered the bearings from VXB. I installed them and it felt good but during the first ride the play came back. I tried with another set from the pack and got the same results. I tapped the first set in and just be sure I pressed the second set in. I checked the rest of the bearings in the pack and they all had play in them, some more than others. I found the best 2 and was able to eliminate some of the play, but it is still there. The old bearings had less play than the new ones.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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by MAB

I used a Draper 3 legged bearing puller. I put the lets over the inside of the flange on the DS and used the puller to push the NDS bearing out.......no shocks on the torque tube

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