Campy 11 Speed Cassette

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by occor

Ari wrote:At 42 that's great! La Tuna in 21x39 is easy, Tuna in the sane is fantastic.

:oops: Ooops... I'm sorry... I've got the local Tunas mixed up. Tuna Canyon in 21x39 is awesome.

I have a sprinter's build; not a climber's. Me doing La Tuna in 21x39, yes; me doing Tuna in 21x39, probably not. I'd have to get down to about 155lbs to have prayer.
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by Cocolo

DaveS wrote:Most late model 10 speed chain tools will work fine with an 11 speed chain. To be sure, look at what part of the chain takes the force of the driving pin. The inner plates should not be taking the force, against the U-shaped center guide. The back of the chain should be taking the force. If the center guide is too thick, file it thinner, but be sure to file down the side nearest the drive pin. I've done this and my old Park CT-3 tool still works.

Dave: Could you post a picture of your modified chain tool? I'd like to see what it looks like as I might be inclined to do something like this with my Park CT-3.

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by DaveS

There's really nothing to see from a picture of my chain tool. All I did was file the U-shaped guide thinner and file on the side nearest the drive pin. There are two of these guides on most tools. The one furthest from the end of the drive pin is the one used to push pins in or out.

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