Uncomfortable saddle? Modify your bibs.

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by donald

I have a tune saddle on my rain bike that does not flex and doesn't fit me as well as the ones on my uber light bikes. For the last five years I have used a piece of neoprene in a few of my cycling bibs to use when I am on my rain bike. With the extra neoprene it is comfortable. I stretch the bibs on a round top stool using a quality fabric glue at the front and back only, then place a few heavy books on it; in a few hours its done. It holds up very well, no problems. One can always sew a little too. On my MTB saddle I glued just a little neoprene right on the carbon saddle.

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by mimason

I guess its better than buying maxi-pads. Or get a saddle that works.

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by donald

I had modified this saddle to make it even lighter and so I don't think I could sell it or would not want to sell it. I just went with the extra padding; it really works well!

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by BRM

Extra padding in your bibs??
If I were you I would go for butt implants a la Kim Kardashian. :P

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by kode54

you can buy some boxers with pads in them... Rapha used to sell some boxers with padding in them. you wear them under regular shorts. you can probably use some of those under your regular bib shorts to achieve the same effect.
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by vejnemojnen


how much weight did those pads added to the bibs? :)

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