How to change to corima brake pads?

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by marktickner

Just wondering how the hell I can change my Campag brake blocks from Record pads to the red Corima pads as I am using carbon Reynolds Stratus wheels.

I am having great trouble trying to slide the campag pads out of the carrier. How the hell do they come out? They seem extremely tight and wont budge!

Then what is the best way to slide the Corima ones back in?

I havent got a vise so cant use one of those before someone tells me thats what I need!

Heeeelp! Going riding on my Reynolds tomorrow for 4 hrs hilly ride so need to change them today! What do you guys suggest?
Many thanks

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by BMF

Slide a small screwdriver or something similar under the rubber pad and bend it out. Sometimes one will have to use soapwater to fit the new pads. What i really think you should do is order the BBB carbon rim pads manufactured to fit in the campag padholder.
It can never be too stiff...

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by homegrown

With the brake carriers still installed on the brakes, I used a pair of channel locks (or pliers) to pull the pads out. To get them back in use either a really large flat head screw driver or something with a flat face like a chisel.

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by dark_albert

why don´t you use the original campa pads for hyperon??
They brake very good. i think better than corima.

best regards...dark_albert

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by Geoff

The Corima pads have special two-piece carriers. The carriers are in halves split down the centre and held together by two screws. The pad is cradled between them. You can just replace your stock carriers with the Corima carriers (they come with all of the mounting hardware for Campagnolo brake arms).

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by marktickner

Thanks for all your help, I managed to change the brake pads on my Record brakes to the corima red pads reasonably easily enough with a screwdriver, soapy water and a bit of pushing and shoving to squeeze them in! I broke 1 pad as I pushed too hard to start, but had 7 more so not too bad.

Thanks again for all your help. They are far better than my old pads... no noise, good grip and stopped nicely.

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by Pantani

The older clamshell corima pad holders are really heavy and are not compatible with the newer design corima pads. Handy to change though I admit.

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