Garmin Bike Computer with multiple Powertap Wheels

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by SgtRock


Recently bought a set carbon Powertap wheels and I have been offered a set of alloy Powertap wheels at a good price. Both wheel sets are the G3 hub. My question is can my Garmin 500 cope with both wheel sets? I am guessing that I will need to set up different bike profiles for the different power taps?

On another note I am thinking of replacing my Garmin 500 with a 510 or 810 unit. I presume either of these will work equally well with the scenario I have described. Also anyone have a preference over the 510 or 810? One has better battery life and Gloss capability whilst the other has full mapping?

Thanks in advance.

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by jimborello

I use a 510 with all my bikes (4 different powertap g3 wheelsets in 4 bikes) but I have a different bike profile for each one. No problems everything works perfect. I dont think you will have to set a different bike profile for each wheelset, but you will have to use the search sensor option befor each ride.

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by pdlpsher1

The 510 has BT connectivity so you could upload your rides wirelessly to a smart phone. This is a big plus over the 500. Plus you get up to eight data fields. I opted for the 510 over the 810 as I didn't think I need the mapping feature. The smartphone alert feature is nice but it's missing on the 510.

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by deek

The 500 will work with multiple powermeters. You can either set up different bike profiles or search every time. Setting up different bike profiles is much easier especially if you have other powermeters around.

The 500 can also show 8 data fields at once, although I don't know why you would want so much data on one page.

To me, the 500 is a much better computer than the 510 or 800. I'd stick with that one.

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by pdlpsher1

Sorry I meant to say the 510 can display ten data fields. I have three fields dedicated to power readings. I could use two more fields in additions to the ten I already use.

I have never had the 500. Wired connectivity seems so old tech.

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