My Weight Weenies Days Are Over.... Kinda

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by Superlite

Sorry to say my days as a weight weenie may have to end for a while. I'm low on flow and I have school payments to make, so I need to pretty much sell my bike. :cry: Basically my car engine blew a rod, so I had to have a new engine installed, and my college tuition for next semester went into my car. I've spent the last 2 years of my life and over $5,500 building my machine, but I have to let it all go. I'll be making a post with pics of my bike and it's specs and I'll be putting it all in the Selling section of the site. I'll sell it as a complete bike if anyones interested or just part it.

I'll end up buying a used bike for racing on, so it's not like I won't be riding anymore, just not on a 14lb dream. :cry:

Heres the specs.
Frame:Douglas Stealth, scandium 53cm 1039g
Fork: Columbus Supermuscle 369g
Headset: American classic 1-1/8in 84g
Stem: Ritchey WCS 110mm 8deg 131g
Handlebar: Kestrel EMS Pro SL 42cm 168g
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR Evolution 119g
Seatpost: Douglas carbon 26.8mm 185g
Seat Binder: Extralite 31.8mm 13g
Front Der. Dura Ace 83g
Rear Der. Dura Ace 196g
Shift/brake: Durace 428g
Crankset: FSA Carbon Superlight 172.5 511g
Crank bolts: FSA 18g
BB: Dura Ace 173g
Cassette: Dura ace 12-25 175g
Chain: SRAM 89R hollow pin 254g
Brakes: CAT CLAWS Ti PRO 178g
Wheels: Velomax Asscent 2 1425g
Rim Tape: Velox 28g
Tubes: Performance Lunar light 98g
Tires: Vredestien Fortezza 23mm 510g (Training tires )
QR's: U.S.E Alien Ti. 56g
Cables and housing: IRD Meta wire 81g
Pedals: Speedplay X1 with aluminum insert 132g
battle cages: IRD Carbon 16g

Total 6618g or 14.57lbs

I'll get a pic up tomorrow

I still be a weight weenie and post, just won't be buying any cool stuff at the moment. I'm still waiting on a order to be placed for my speedplay inserts, if QBP comes through then I'll have enough flow to build a new bike, so if I'm lucky I'll be out of a bike for 3 months, and it's winter anyways so it's not like I'm riding.

My bad luck is kinda good for you guys. If you want any of the stuf just PM me.

In the mean time I'll be hugging my bike and saying goodbye. :lol: :cry:
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by Ivan

Sorry to hear that mate, i would feel terrible to sell my bike.
I am sure that one day you'd be back in business, more focussed then ever.
Not interested in any part of your bike.

by Weenie

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by Karma

I'm really sorry to hear the news. Your posts ave always been filled with knowledge and passion. I don't always agree with you but I always read what you have to say. And I learn.

I hope you stay in touch with your virtual mates even if circumstances keep you from spending tons of money.

I may be interested in some of your components. I'm going get you an email right away.

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by giovanni

BUMMER sorry to hear the new's, hope you can still hand out advice and an ass kicking now and then :wink:

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by Karma


Sorry I got your name wrong in my post. I must be blurry-eyed from watching too much football. Take care.

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by Superlite

Heres the pics, sorry there not that good, don't have a digital camera.

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by bladteth


You shoud have sold that Nissan, mate ;-) Nice bike, but look on the bright side. It is not fun to have the lightest ride in the neighbourhood. You always have more pleasure in scraping a few grams here and there and making the existing one even lighter. Cheer up, there is plenty of fun ahead :-)
Best regards,
Rado bladteth Rzeznicki

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by Joel


stay positive:
1. The more time you think, the better parts you buy
2. The longer you have to wait for them, the happier you are when you get them :wink:

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by nikh

Keep your chin up mate.
Go get a cheap bike and keep riding that's why were all hear in the first place, go enjoy it.

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by Cyco

This is news I'm disappointed to hear, Superlite, it will will be had to find a worthy home for a bike like that!

Tim the Pineapple
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by Tim the Pineapple

Lurked here for over a year finally got around and registered...

Superlite Youre located in Colorado Springs ? me too !
What school do you go to ?

By the way Im having similar problem. Im trying to build my xc bike up and when ever i have the money to build it I get slapped with school tuition, ugh...
Right now the frame is just sitting in my room collecting dust...

(I go to uccs)

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by Superlite

NO WAY! Me to! We should go for a ride sometime. By the way, this wouldn't be Tim Oh from Coronado would it? It's John, remember me from biology? I think I was in your english class to my senior year, but I never talked to anyone in there, to embarresed being in a class with juniors. What ever, if your not you don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Give me a PM.

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by Kirkster

That My Friend is one damn nice machine and a real shame You have to get rid (And I am been serious here!)
Marching on Together...............

by Weenie

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