moderately light seatposts?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by a.davis12

Hi everyone!
I'm planning a new build, a semi weenie project, but on a mild budget and with nothing from schmolke or the like.
What im after is a light-ish seatpost in 31.6 and roughly 350mm. Weight would be ~175g.
Heres what i have already:
3T Doric
Ritchey WCS
Any ideas?
thanks guys.

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by SDP

set back ?

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by willwork4rice


Ti Pro light definitely, but if you need setback, the SC Pro Lite also might be in that 175g range

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by lighter=faster?

How about a USE Alien carbon (a little setback) or if you can find them on eBay (someone seems to have a lot of new ones and lists them on eBay from time to time) M2 Racer carbon or M2 Racer aluminum Superpost (no setback).
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by a.davis12

ahh yes, forgot that, preferably no set back.

USE that another one to add.

I won't ride kcnc, its just a me hating them thing:p

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by Cheers!

Easton EC90. Jenson USA is having a sale right now. 89 bucks USD! Amazing Deal. You can get a shorter one for road bikes. I got a 400mm for my mountain bike.

Else I would recommend Thomson Masterpiece.

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by a.davis12

yeah i think im going to go a thomson.
im not keen on big graphics, so thomson fits, and theyre light!

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by abrown3mtg

I had a thompson... now have a wcs carbon. I love the way the top is molded... it's light and comfy. plus oh so pretty. if you watch ebay, you can get one cheap. I got mine for 35 bucks lol.

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by djconnel

WCS carbon is heavier. Hard to beat the Thomson Masterpiece. KCNC seems like a solid choice: somewhat lighter than the Thomson. But Easton? Heavy.

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by $mokeyJoe

Maybe a Rotor seatpost can suit your demands.

I've found it in some european boutiques for +/-90€.

Don't know anything about the post. Weight might be like the Masterpiece. You're just asking what alternatives... :)
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by welcomdmat

The Rotor head clamp looks pretty similar to the Syntace P6. I have a P6 Carbon that is under 180g, but I have cut it shorter than 350.

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by Carbonman

Thompson of course (cut it down to the right size) and put some Ti bolts / barrels on this - easily available on eBay.

Best option IMO would be New Ultimate alloy post. Work perfectly and not that much over 100g - a bit more for the length you want.

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by kman

Thomson gets my vote.
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