German Technology (Shimano Electronic/Aero integration)

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Kraaf

Woohoo! :shock: :unbelievable:

Also curious about the dropouts...
I love you guys. Seriously.

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by markc

Now this is Weight Weenies!!! Uber Fantastic!!!

by Weenie

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by Fuchspk

yes norbert really build nice parts. i use his frontwheel and his seatpost/seat kombination on my bike.
i use this bike for longdistance and it is going great with his parts!



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by Fuchspk

Deichradler wrote:Image
This is his Shop

this is the one on my bike. i used it for around 10000km since 03/2010. its stiffness is really great. 64g and it works fantastic!

Yiannis-Super 6.
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by Yiannis-Super 6.


this is the one on my bike. i used it for around 10000km since 03/2010. its stiffness is really great.[/quote]

WOW, 3000km+ a month since March in cold Sweden! Respect.
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by sorin

the most exciting topic felt deserted since the Pro topic was gone, but now YEAA :shock:
it's no wonder this technology is from german engineers -it gave us AMG .Porsche..any plans to massmarket the DIY2-if hopefully Shimano won't find out and buys you out :wink: ...
btw-beside getting my updates from here-WW i i also read Tour magazine -yes is in german but it's the best -have you been contacted for a test ?

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by Deichradler

Brandnew UD Carbonaxle for the Lightweight Obermayer, rear :wink:





Also tuned:
Starratchets, Springs, Camparotor, Carbonspacer made for the Rotor


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by coparni

Some new stuff from germany. :wink:

The bar is a mortop from Also available in UD. My one weighs 90 grams with coat. I think without coating 85g. So the stem only weighs 58g.


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by Fuchspk

beautifull :)

think the weight of the stem together with an schmolke bar :shock:

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by tharmor

To the top ::

What's new with these carbon tinkerers? I followed this post religiously and then forgot completely about it. (sorry if repost)

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by USofChay

This thread is absolutely amazing. The frame is soooo light.

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by aldocg

By far the most impressive thread I've seen here!

Norbert could compete with Lightweight/AX Lightness/THM if he got into production.

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by Mr.Hyde

Leichtbau-Anarchisten-parts are way better than THM, LW etc. :P
No, just kidding, we just love to build some own stuff, some of the parts got really nice over the time, others are not that fabulous to be sold. Everyone has its specials, and the way how to work is really different. Norberthdss some great and very unconventional ideas and just builds it to see if or how it works. Philipp (fuchspk) is about the same. I'm calculating and doing much engineering, but sometimes 'forget' to produce the stuff I thought of. And Sebastian (coparni) and Michael (charliemike) are somewhere in between, coparni with much emphasis on functionality (and only that :-D), charliemike with an obsession for great smooth and shiny finish. So there's always a lot of fun in the German HCBPLAS (handmade carbon bike parts Leichtbau-Anarchisten scene). :mrgreen:

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by HammerTime2

HammerTime2 wrote:The german wunderkids have done great work here, but what I'm waiting for is single chainring wide range continuously variable transmission with neuro-electronic shifting control - you just "thinK" to make the gear increase or decrease.
Has any progress been made on this front? I first conceived of this capability 41 years ago, but did not have the engineering capability to execute it.

by Weenie

Simon BP
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by Simon BP

That Carbon axle for the Obermayer rearwheel, how much weight does it save over the stock alloy one? and how much does it cost? :)

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