Corima Winium rims

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Ye Olde Balde One
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by Ye Olde Balde One

Has anyone tried them?

I may be able to get a set built on Spada hubs, which would be a sweet set of wheels if the rims are good. I've heard a rumor that this rim is in fact used for the Hyperion wheels, can anyone confirm this?

Must get bike below 12lbs, must get bike below 12lbs :twisted:
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Core 22
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by Core 22

I've heard the same (that the rims of the Hyperions and the Winiums are the same). Corima is producing the carbon rims for the Boras too.

I think it's good plan to buy the rims from Corima and build them up with light and durable hubs. You can get nearly the same quality as when you buy the Hyperions but you have to pay less.

I don't know anyone who has the Winiums but I know a lot of other bikers who own the Aeros and they all say that these are very good rims!

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by benz76

Until 2003 Hyperions rims were self made by Campagnolo. But now Corima maufactures both Hyperion and Bora.

I don't know if Hyperion and Winium rims are the same, but I'll ask directly to Corima's importer.

I've heard lots of entusiastic comments about Winium wheels. They're very good for climbers, but also for very fast criterium races, since they're very stiff (much more than Zipp 280, according to people who owns both). Many people told me they're "everyday wheels", not race-only ones.

Even Corima Aeros are great wheels: heavier than Zipp's, but stiffer, and less expensive.
According to Italian Importer (he imports both Zipp and Corima), only wheel to avoid in Corima's range is Medium : the're a bad copy of Zipps. Even flexier, and so not a racing wheel at all...

If you like tubulars, buy them straight... or wait for Zipp's 202! They're so similar...

Bye, benz.

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