NEWS! No ONCE for Beloki!

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by Superlite

According to Spanish news sources, Joseba Beloki will definitely not be riding for Manolo Saiz in Liberty Seguros next season. Beloki hopes to be able to ride for a new Dutch/Italian team sponsored by Stayer, along with several of his past ONCE teammates, but this is yet to be finalised.

by Weenie

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by jam23

Bad boy runing wild !!!!!!!

He is waiting for the guarantee of the money payment by the Stayer group for him and other 8 riders of old ONCE team. Things don´t go very well, they are late on time.

He has another team for contact if things goes bad but .......other riders???? :cry: :cry:

Now Manolo Saiz don´t want to know anything about those riders, he saids they are treacherous :shock: :shock:

We have to wait to know something more.....
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by Joel

Today's news: Beloki won't go to stayer. He don't want to wait for the bank garantuee from Stayer. There are other teams who want him. But the team has to ride the tour and Beloki wants a 2-y contract for both him and his brother

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