Metrigear pedal spindle-based weenie-compatible power meter

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by HammerTime2

HammerTime2 wrote:
djconnel wrote:They claim Q1 2010. Engineers tend to forecast the time it will take to solve known issues, but tend to overlook the time it will take to solve unforeseen issues. So maybe a bit later than that. ...

I don't know what Metrigear claimed at the open house, but p. 2 of the info sheet says "Vector is targeted for availability starting in Q1 2010." Targeting availability is not the same as claiming availability.
DJ, you may be correct, depending on what is meant by "bit".

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by djconnel


Metrigear was a small, agile company.

I do fully expect the Vector will test a lot better than the Polar/Look has so far, but I say that only because of the high real-world accuracy standards which were established by Metrigear compared to just getting something into the market.

by Weenie

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