Whats bad about Zipp 280 rims?

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by Superlite

I'm thinking about buying a wheelset with these rims, but I keep on hearing both good and bad about these rims. Could you clearify the problems with them? Thanks.

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by JTC

I have a set of American Classic Carbon (280 rims), Zipp 303s (280 rims) and now a set of 360 rims I am trying to build up. I have been racing on the 280 rims for about 2 years now. The only problem I had was that Zipp origanly claimed that any brake pads could be used on there rims. I originaly used campy blocks which are very hard. They did not work well with the rims and caused damage to the braking surface. I sent them back to Zipp and they replaced the rims without question and did not charge me at all. I now use the Coolstop pads and have had no problems since. I am a heavy rider (195lbs) and have had great luck with them. I know many folks who ride them and they are very popular at races around here (the Southeast). I do have a friend of mine who just noticed a crack in his rim, but he beleives he can pinpoint it to when he hit a lagre pot hole. As with any carbon rim, I do not recomend them for every day use due to the cost of the wheels and the greater chance of cracking a rim. For racing and the weekely hammer fest ride you might do they are great. As far as the American Classics I do not have a lot of miles on them to give you a good opinion (obviously the rims are the same though), but I have seen the pawl break in one of there rear hubs. I think that the American Classic hubs are still a little sketchy. I am looking at building up my 360 rims with Spada or Tune hubs, which might be the best route for you to go as well and will save you even more weight.

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