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by maxxevv

You can swap out the handlebar clampbands for the newer titanium ones. They say quite a bit of weight, though they are kinda pricey.

Or you can swap them out for the BTP carbon ones.

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by quattrings

I know I can shed a good deal of weight by replacing the clamps, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on the sti project anymore. If I hit the 400g mark I'll be satisfied. It should be attainable with the standard clamp bands.

Thanks for the tip though.
Anybody want to weight the 7900 clamp bands for reference, then I'll weigh the 7800 ones.

by Weenie

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by quattrings

Got more work done today. Almost reached the goal but with potential to lose more weight. I ditched the shift lever bumpers which saved .8 grams, functionally nothing has changed. So far I've lost 23 grams
2013-2-1_18.8.41 by Quattrings, on Flickr

Steel clamp weighing in at 8.2 grams
2013-2-1_18.8.19 by Quattrings, on Flickr
2013-2-1_18.8.10 by Quattrings, on Flickr

I'm hoping the drilling I did on the plastic body in this area will add some slight flex to the hoods.
2013-2-1_18.7.55 by Quattrings, on Flickr

Next I'll order some Ti bolts from torronto cycles and get to work shaving them to fit the clamps. My prognosis is this will save an additional 3 grams. Standard bolts are 6.5 and the specific mass of Ti is about 55% of that.

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by veloflyte

In the past, I have given consideration to producing a two-piece split carbon fiber hood to replace the rubber hood on brake levers. But I am very concerned it would be too slippery...especially when it gets moistened...

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