My BH G5 Review !

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by jrdm91

Willier wrote:Can you tell me please what is that bar tape on your bh.Thx

its SRAM tape

by Weenie

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by swimmingskibble

Could you write a list of your parts used? I have the same frame, and would like to make a sub 6.35kg bike. Your list would help me pick an choose what I will end up using. Thanks.

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by Stolichnaya

Original photo does NOT have SRAM tape.
SRAM plugs...
It's Lizard Skins tape.

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by tahoebum

I am not a true weight weenie( I don't know what the hell I'm doing here), but I did just buy a 56cm g5 frame and built it up with the new SRAM Red and Reynolds Attack clincher wheels. Mine weighs in at 14.6 lbs with water bottle cages, pedals, and bike computer. Not an expensive build($4,300) for this weight bike. This frame is stiff in all the right places but not harsh to ride and I am damn pleased as it is 3 lbs lighter than my old tank. I got the frame for $1600 with shipping and tax and after riding it the last 4 days couldn't be happier with my purchase. I am 82kg and This frame is certainly stiff in all the right places but soaks up harsh roads better than any bike I've been on. I live in the Lake Tahoe/Sierra Nevada foothills and this thing climb likes a mountain goat. My first time out I shaved almost 2 minutes off a 15 minute climb that I've done 200 times over the last couple of years. I can't wait to try it up one of the 2,500+ foot vertical climbs around here. I'm also looking forward to taking it down to Mount Diablo and climbing it in under 1 hour- 10.8 miles, 3249 vertical feet. I may have a slight edge on a couple of my cycling buddies ;-)
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by uncle-gee

You obviously dont like much setback on your saddle. Seems very far forward?

Frame is probably wrong size for him

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by Tissot1853

Sorry for bumping and old thread...
swimmingskibble wrote:Could you write a list of your parts used? I have the same frame, and would like to make a sub 6.35kg bike. Your list would help me pick an choose what I will end up using. Thanks.

Indeed, I am very interested in how someone could manage to bring a G5 down to 6,1 kilo as the thread starter has done.
My BH G5 weighs in at roughly 7,6 kilo. By switching the saddle, skewers, cassette and handlebars, I am expecting to be at 7,3... at best.
I am running SRAM Rival. Is SRAM RED the solution? That is too expensive for me.

I have not left any stone unturned in my hunt for weight loss: ... L1hM/edit#
"Potentiellt byte" column is what I am considering switching to, "Vikt" is the objects current weight and "Namn" is the current object. "Viktvinst" is the amount of weight that I will lose by changing to the specific object.
My BH G5: Image

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by bazmac

Great review, really enjoyed reading it. Great job especially seen as English is your second language.

Cheers baz

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by gifted child

Apologies on resurrecting this old thread, Im about to get a very slightly used BH G5 frame set for $850. Is this a good price for a 6 years old model frame set?. Frameset is still very fresh and like brand new.
Also would like to build this up with ultegra di2. Any idea if the frame is di2 compatible?

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