Test rode a L-C 6/13 and Synapse today...

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by Rich_W

Took a couple of 54cm machines around the block in sneakers on Looks... hard to tell really. The Synapse looks cool... but felt kinda heavy for what it is.

I just gave them my torsion test and the over-the-railroad, rough tarmac test. The 6-13 clearly felt less harsh. While sitting, I try to twist the headtube in relation to the head tube. The 6-13 was downright floppy, and while the Synapse was a little stiffer, it was not nearly as torsionally stiff as the CR1. And in comparision to my Ottrott ST... well, nothing is as torsionally as stiff.

Wish I could post more info... but thats about it. Looks-wise, I thought the 6-13 in L-C no-paint livery was quite pimp-tastic.

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