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by Rich_W

First off... I just want to say that you guys SUCK... 'cause I've been turning into a weenie!

First its a CR1, and then some carbon A/C wheels, Keo Ti's... and now ZERO Gs!!!

Oh yeah... DMT Flash shoes... First time I showed up on our team training ride... I get "you going to the early bird special?" and "hey, do those come with golf spikes?" haha... very funny... once I dropped those bitches, the comments stopped. :twisted:

Anyway... I'm also bummed my cables are not long enough because I have record calipers, and the arms are much shorter! Doh!

My now for my Question... Do you use the gripper washer on the centerbolts like on DA or Record? Or will they stay put without?

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by homegrown

Actually I would like to know how people have been doing it. If I recall they don't come with those washers. So, I installed them without, and honestly I have been having to re-center them occassionally. Anyone else run into the same thing?

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by Superlite

Center washers are not needed, hence why they are not included.

I have installed Zero G's on aluminum and carbon, no issues at all, but they do require a bit more torque then standard brake calipers with washers to set in place.

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