Arione AG2R team edition?

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by cendres

Does anyone know where to find one of these? I have scoured the web to no avail... This is the white saddle with a black stripe...


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by madcow

Heres the scoop that my rep gave me. Team saddles are a one shot deal for shops. We were able to order them 2 weeks ago and that was it. They supposedly weren't going to produce them after the initial order. So to find one, you will probably have to search your LBS's to find someone that ordered them.

An alternative is a custom saddle. We can get any fizik saddle in any combination of colors, with any rails, and any color plastic bumpers. The customs are only about $50 more than the stock.

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by Boonen

you can order custom saddles at their website, they are $$$ though :(
see for options.

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