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by morrisond

I'm trying to convert 745 lbs/in to the more common NM/Degree, how does one do this what does it equal, thanks.

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by cadence90

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by bobalou

:google: convert lbs/inch to N/m

You get:

1 pounds force / inch = 175.126835 Newtons / meter

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by morrisond

I got the 745 lbs/in fromt the Specialized Website as the BB stiffness for the S-Works Tarmac. I'm trying to convert it the the measurement which Tour Mag uses NM per degree, any help?

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by Bed4d SL

It's 83.608 NM.

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by Cyco

I'm not sure its possible, without knowing the distance at which the measurement is taken.

At the moment you are trying to convert a force to deflect a linier displacement to a force to deflect a angular displacement.

With the distance to displacement measured the then a angular displacement can be calculated and then its just the force that needs its units converted.
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