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by spokey1.0

Hey guys. I'm looking to replace the Fizik Poggio that came on my CAAD 8 with a Fizik Arione. Does anyone have real-world experience with this saddle? I know that it weighs 230 grams, which might turn some weight weenies off, but I figure that of all the places on the bike, the saddle is the most important to GET RIGHT, even if that means a few extra grams. I've heard good things about it, but all of you Arione users out there, let me know what you think of your saddle.

Also, what do you think of this color sceme to go with my matte black frame? I've got silver Kysriums on it, plus a white carbon bottle cage coming, so I think that the silver/white color would match well. Let me know what you think. ... 71208&rd=1

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by Tsielio

i loved riding it but couldn't keep on using them
it is the most comfortable saddle i have ever ridden but i had 8 broken ones (they all cracked in the middle)
this is unacceptable for such a good saddle
finishing a race with a cracked saddle was possible because the leather kept everything together
fizik gave me a new one each time it broke
one broke in the last ride before the worlds road race in verona, i hadn't got an extra saddle with me so i had to use my 2nd bike for the most important race of the year...
i'm not too heavy i think, 73kg

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by 88a

Wow, Tsielio—that is extremely bad news. I haven’t heard of other Ariones breaking; has anyone else? I like my Arione a lot. No problems whatsoever. I weigh about 75 kilos and ride occasionally on pave. One thing I’ve noticed from my riding and photos of others is that you’ll see guys all over the thing, from on the rivet, to so far off the back that it disappears.

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by BeeBee30

I run this saddle on two of my bikes and think it's superb,extremely comfortable,never had any any breakage problems.Just got back from a weeks training in Majorca,put 500 miles on one of them,my butt loves me!I've got the white world champion model on my CAAD5,it looks the biz and gets loads of attention.Sure is a whole lot nicer than the AX on my Weenie bike.
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Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez
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by Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez

I have too a Arione, it has now 11 000 km (one year) and it has a little crack since may 2004 so it has cracked after just 2moths of riding... :lol: But I didn't see any difference, it is comfortable but now I feel the saddle too flexy. The centre of the saddle is now very flexible and I suffer a bit under my **** :wink:

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by Tsielio

when it cracks, that changes your position on the bike a lot
and it's all flexy...
ok to go to the finish... not to continue riding afterwards

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by Ivan

I cracked two pavé cp saddles in about 3 months time. Wasnt riding unusually rough roads or something. Changed to a selle italia max flite and this held up fine for almost a year now. I am 72 kilos.

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by brianwchan

Spokey, have you tried other brands of saddles, selle italia, etc.

I think my SLR is pretty comfy with chamois, and my old prolink (too heavy) i could ride in street clothes very comfortably.

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by spokey1.0

What kind of cracks are you all talking about? I know that the Wing Flex on each side of the saddles are actually supposed to crack and deform a bit to give each rider a "custom fit." Basically it's supposed to mold to your butt. Brianwchan, I ridden Italia and WTB saddles on my mountain bike. My brother has Flite ti Gels on both his mountain and road bike, he swears by them (they are very comfortable). I'm less worried about weight here than I am about comfort. I figure if my butt hurts too much to stay in the saddle I'm not going to be able to put in the miles I want and need to. Any other recommendations, Arione testimonials, or opinions on the particular color scheme?

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by Tsielio

normally the wingflex flexes, but whet is cracks the flex part cracks from the left to the right wingflex so the saddle is in 2 pieces... but the leather keeps it together
sometimes it only broke half - most often from right to the middle

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by marko

I have the smaller Aliente and I can only imagine the Arione is even better, if that's possible. Their choice of padding makes that sub 200g saddle like a tractor seat. I think Fizik will have my business for a long time.

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by c-record

I've never heard of an Arione breaking

I have two; one on my cross bike with a full season of racing on it
I would say very comfortable, and durable, at least in my experience

And it's friendly (if you know what I'm getting at)

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by rico

I'm used to SLRs and SLR XPs. Tried an Arione on a new bike. At first it was fine, but on the first really long ride I realised quite quickly that it is less cut away at the sides than the SLR. My, er, inner thighs were really badly chafed. I coudn't go back to it.

I swapped it back for an SLR. Shame really, other than that, the Arione was very good...


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Love this saddle! Have one on my training bike and one on my proper bike. Most comfortable saddle I have ever used. Some of our customers have complained of getting real numbness from it. In a test Specialized did it was shown to be one of the worst saddles for blood flow to your important bits!

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by shinkansen

I've worn out 1 arione and currently have 2 in use. One of my commuting bike and one one my race bike. Never had them break. I'm 65kg. Put about 20,000 miles into the first one and I was happy as it didn't sag over time as much as a Selle Italia Flite would. Never get saddles sores and I do enough training and stages races for those to potentially happen. Definitely one of my happiest purchases.

Only complaint for me is that I'd like to see a more robust leather cover. I dont care too much for the extra crap down the middle with stitching either side, or for the stupid silver parts where the wing flex portion is... I'd prefer a plain one piece cover. Some kind of kevlar that wouldn't rip through my shorts in one ride LOL.

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