SLR Carbon, anyone have this?

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by Superlite

Hey guys,

I have a chance to get a SLR Carbon saddle for a good price, anyone on here own this? How is it comfort wise?

Any input appreciated.

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by brianwchan

It looks very, very similar to my slr xp. Shapewise, i mean. Anyway, have you ridden the regular slr?

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by Superlite

Use to have the SLR Evolution, the one with no padding and the nylon/carbon shell.

BTW, your Elijah Wood Sin City Avitar is freeking me out. :D

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by brianwchan

Sin city was great wasn't it?

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by burlguy

My first ride on it was okay . But I noticed this last time out the edge of the seat isnt rounded downward and the back of my leg twords my glutes was catching this edge over and over . Not chaffing but rather restricting muscle contraction . These seats are not good if you have any muscle bulk . If you have a bony butt and thin legs than it will propably be okay, but it is uncomfortable after 20 miles. Thats when I start thinking saddle fatigue is taking more out of me than a 1 lb saddle would . I have the nose pitched down to give my hamstring and glute more room but my right leg is slightly more built and still dislikes it . I will have to bring it down some more . Poorly designed saddle for me .

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by spytech

i dont like it. hard seat, plus my arse doesn't like the shape.

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col hicks
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by col hicks

get it . a very comfy saddle doesnt feel much different to the padded slr :D

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by Boonen

One of my riding buddies has one. It's supposed to be as comfortable as the standard SLR, so if you can ride that you can ride the C64 as well.
I tried it and actually liked it a little better than the normal slr. Note that there are 2 versions of the saddle, one with TI rails and one with CF rails 8)

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by CaptainWilier

Super----I have one of the SLR kit Carbones (125 grams) and I'm selling it because it hurts. I also have a regular 135 gram SLR that I am keeping because it is comfortable. Between those two I think the shape is the most important aspect to comfort. The 135 gramer is a little flatter and fits me well, but the 125 gramer is like sitting on a 2X4 sideways. Could come down to personnal preference.
So, anyone want to buy a slightly used 125 gram carbon SLR? :lol:

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i ride with slr c 64 (81 gr) prototype since last year. I feel very comfy :D ! I thik it's a great innovation even better than flyte. A great choice :wink:

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I have the Evolution 2 and 3. The 2 is the BEST saddle I ever owned, including Brooks. The 2 used a great carbon/kevlar weave. Most people would "tap" on the saddle and say "to hard!" But the secret was in the flex, floated with me as I moved around. I have done many double centuries.

The Ev 3 retreat back to more carbon weave, with a little elastic bumper under the nove. This seems stiffer than my loved E-2. The E-3 was 110g, and the E-2 was 99g.

Not sure how this replacement saddle SLR feels to the "E" series.

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by Carbonman

I used to use the SLR 135g on my road bike and found it very comfortable after getting used to it. I also have a lovely white one on my track bike. Then went to the SLR Carbon with Ti rails in the picture last year for my road bike. A little hard going at first but now it is fine for hours on end on some not too even country roads. Be caucious about the weight claims though. They say it is 99g but there is a +/- 5% and mine weighs 107gms.

I'm using this with a Tune post to get my position right on my new bike before ordering the AX-Lightness combo so it will be up for sale but not until the end of this year - sorry.

Actually I'd like to get Axel to make the combo with the SLR Carbon but I can't see it happening.

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by Rich_W

Compare it to straddling a wooden saw horse. :shock:

Isn't that what comes on the complete CR1 limited?

Buy it just to weigh your bike... keep your arionne for riding.

who needs kids anyway... or a prostate for that matter...

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