Think I found a scam on ebay, anyone verify this?

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by Superlite ... 04035&rd=1

Bike and wheel looks familiar. Anyone reconize this? Is it a scam? I'm not interested in buying or anything, just want to make sure I report it to ebay only if it a scam.

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by cadence90

I'm certain I saw that exact picture on eBay awhile ago, maybe 2-3 months, because of the Dolan frame, the photo cropped just like that.
I have no idea if it's scam, though. Maybe the guy just didn't sell them last time around. What makes you think it's a scam?

Oh, now I see why: I did see the exact same picture: the 1 feedback is for same item, same photos, same description...that is pretty strange, but again, scam? I don't know: buyer backed out (possible, but HE got good feedback too)? Two sets of the same wheels (unlikely)? is a bit weird.
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by CaptainWilier

I WOULD NOT TOUCH THAT WITH A 10 FOOT POLE! Seller bought them, used them a few times but happens to have 3 PAIR???? Will only accept cash,check, or money order...???? Bad sign. Also, says will ONLY ship to Americas but there will be an additional charge for overseas shipping?
I'd bet the farm. :roll: See ya............................

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by marko

1 feedback with the same set sold in Feb, stay away, far away. Just for fun you could email him and ask if you can pick them up at his house. Tell him your in Oregon or will be there on business next week and you will pick them up. See what his response is.

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by jrstang473

just for gigles ask him to take a picture of the wheels again but with your name written on a peice of paper and holding his dl with the wheels in front of him.That might be easy to photo shop but i bet he would say my digital camer doesnt work any more or i borrowed my friends.

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