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by madcow

ALx wrote: :shock: water in tube :shock: is that really possible?!?!?!!! :shock:

Possible and not really too hard. Take a silca pump and drill a hole in the shaft near the top, pull the plunger to the top of the stroke and fill the cylinder with water, pump once and repeat.

We usually do this to new employees wheels, of course they don't know we are doing it.

Ive gotten as much as 120psi of just water in the tube before.

Sidenote, the pump will still work to pump air also.

by Weenie

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by the Repeater

That's hilarious... WICKED good one!!!

You could also just take the valve stem out and use a piece of tubing and a funnel. Not as much water, obviously... but it would still make a big difference... for every milliliter that's a gram!!!

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