Ritchey Stubby [and Light Alternatives]

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by RoadGuy

I was hoping that offsetting the seat all the way back would do the trick. For 10 years I used a Thompson Masterpiece with no built-in offset and maintained a good position over the pedals. The design of the Tune Cappy limits the amount of offset because the upper seat rail jaws are significantly outside of the lower support for the rails. Honestly, I did not expect a 3/4" (2cm) difference.

The Tune Cappy is a splendid part. I waited 2-3 months for it to become available at Fairwheel. It saddened me to return it.

by Weenie

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by Fourthbook

I've just gone thru the same search for an upgrade over the Ritchey Stubby that came stock on my Cento Uno. See thread on FairwheelBike forum on it: http://fairwheelbikes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8183

I just ordered the Woodman IT seat mast topper w/25mm setback for $120 from http://www.twohubs.com/p-375-woodman-integrated-seatpost-it-series.aspx. I'll post a review when I get it on the bike in several weeks.

The Woodman company site is: http://www.woodmancomponents.com/Web/Company.asp?Lng=ENbut offers little detail...
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by djconnel

Fortunately, the ISP movement appears to have been an evolutionary dead-end and this topic is less important than it once was.

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by LouisN

I was wondering if some members have cut their ISP and used a standard seatpost and clamp instead, with weight savings at the end ....?

Louis :)

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by elviento

djconnel wrote:Fortunately, the ISP movement appears to have been an evolutionary dead-end and this topic is less important than it once was.

Frankly, if adjustability is not an issue, I truly believe ISP is a superior design. For people who know their fit, there really isn't any need to adjust for more than 10mm.
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by kgt

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by hasbeen

Sorry for grave digging a bit but I am looking to find out if anyone has used a regular seatpost and clamp instead of a mast topper? It seems that type of question has been asked a few times but with no answer. Is anyone with an integrated seatmast using a regular post? I cant see any problems with doing it but would like some real world confirmation and pics of course! :thumbup:
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It has the H2 geo......one step racier than a hybrid bike

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by MDH

Researching isp options. Somewhere on the site is a photo of a a seat mast with an internal post, but with a custom spacer. Very clean lines. Anyone know which combo I'm talking about? I've searched for ages but can't find it. It's not the BmanX/English/Thomson one. Though similar.
Any help appreciated.

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by brearley

Is there any update on this. I've searched online for most stubbys.
most are either prohibitively expensive or not the right size.
I'm looking for one for an fm029 but I think it's possible to fit a 34.9 clamp on it. the internal diameter is 31.6, the external is 37 which is crazy so if anybody knows a cheap light 34.9 or simply has a ritchey stubby for sale let me know.

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by brearley

so I've not found anyone with a ritchey stubby spare in 34.9 so will be ordering one.
can anybody tell me which one is lighter the 50mm or 70mm, common sense says 50 but the website I'm buying from has one at 91g and the other at 110g I know neither are this light but the 70mm is much cheaper to buy?
Any help is appreciated.

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