Why cant manufacturers tell the truth about claimed weight!!

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by jozuph

there are a lott of manufacturers that dont lie..isnt lying in an advertisement forbidden ?

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by zakeen

mises wrote:Most cassettes are weighed for the smallest cogset they make - maybe that weight was a pre production 11-15 10 speed cassette!

The one I bought was the smallest size on there website. or would the biggest one be lighter?

talking about sizes in cassetes, a dopy(light headed) teammate of mine from last year had national mountain championships(for road) coming up and wanted to borrow some light wheels. I said to him, if you use the 11-21 it is a lot lighter then the 12-27 and will be easier on the climbs!.....................................he bought it for about a min........... took him a while to work it out! :lol:

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by drjones96

jozuph wrote:there are a lott of manufacturers that dont lie..isnt lying in an advertisement forbidden ?

I guess it depends on what you call a lie. If I advertise that my product weight Ygrams and it actually weighs 1.2 x Y grams but I don't put in the advertising that the weight could vary by that degree then there could be a case for false advertising.

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by pantani83

i dont understand campy:
they says that record carbon cranks weights 500g and the real weight is 530-580g.
but campy says too that xenon ergopower weights 357g and it weights definately 357g.

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