Sram Force shift lever breakage!

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by jvanv8

Mine was a 2008 model I think... so it's not just the 2009's

I got mine "fixed" by the distributor... after I sent it to them and they called to say:
"We received your broken shifter and think you crashed and broke it, so it isn't covered under warranty."
I replied, "You're just going to have to trust me that the thing fell off in my hand riding leisurely up a 3% grade."
He was certain it wasn't covered under warranty and then (because of this thread) I said,
"Actually, isn't this a known and very common problem?"
Then he broke down and said,
"Well, yes, we've received several with this problem. We'll get it fixed and sent back to you but we don't have any paddles from that year"
"color doesn't matter, the black '10 paddle is fine."

When it arrived it came with a new metallic silver paddle that might be solid alu(?) or stainless steel(?) but it definitely isn't magnesium. Weighs a good 25 grams more vs the original now.
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by scotty

Has anyone tried to replace it themselves?

Is there a youtube link?

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by Grimpeur

PezTech wrote:I would simply go to your shop (if you bought it there) and have them get a replacement from SRAM...

There are two reasons you don't hear much about this big problem..

First, it's not a huge problem... (that is NOT to say that there is "no" problem...)

Second, SRAM take care of this stuff exceptionally quick.

your shop should just give you a new lever (Off something in stock) and take care of the wait on their end with SRAM...

That's ugly...

Sorry, couldn't resist :lol:

I know a good shop would give you a new lever and wait for a replacement themselves, but the reality is that not every shop is like this. Mine didn't want to give me a new lever, and I don't think I can make them (they're not obliged to to so, right?).

And here in Europe Sram isn't exceptionally quik, as I've had to wait over 6 weeks for a replacement lever each time (and the last time I even made sure the delay wasn't caused by the shop).

So I had to dismount the broken lever, mount a spare lever and rd (shimano) from my training bike, put different cables and new bartape on and then do the same routine after receiving the new lever.. only to have to do it all over again 6 months later when it snaps again!

In proper perspective there's offcourse more important things to care about, but imo this is fairly annoying and Sram just needs to work this out..

Rant over ;)
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by egebhardt

The "Zero Loss" RED version does not have this problem.
The original SRAM Force and Rival version levers will break.
The newer 2013 SRAM Force "Zero Loss" shifters work fine.

I just called SRAM in Chicago, IL to verify.
Eric in San Carlos, CA

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by Sam

Same shizzle happened to me two days ago.

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by rijndael


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by Sam

Why so?

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by rijndael

Because I realized I was replying to someone's post that is almost a year old!
My SRAM failure is already documented here:

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