Information on 2010 Giant lineup?

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by Omega

Does anyone have any scuttle on the 2010 lineup specifically around the TCR Advanced SL ISP? I am about to order one but didn't know if it was worth waiting a couple of months.

thanks in advance

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by Ulle

Giant's policy is to change bikes approximatively in three years...It happened in the switch from the TCR Advanced and the new TCR Advanced SL too. The only thing that usually can change is the colour scheme.


by Weenie

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by Tinea Pedis

And lets be honest, the current colour scheme is very nice!

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by 743power

New colors surely, but you will have to wait another month or so until info starts surfacing. The '10 release in the states is the first weekend in august.
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by Flyingfrenchman

I’ am very interested in this frame but I want a BB30 on my next frame
I ‘have read a article FSA related on weight weenies and FSA say that Giant is going BB30 are we going to see that in 2010 ??
Same frame different colors but BB30 ? I just hope the look stay the same previous Giant colors where so ugly

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by Stats

Well, they've done a similar thing in the Australian market to what they did towards the end of 2007... What was once the top model (Giant TCR Advanced SL R) is not the top model anymore and they introduced a couple of Rabobank team edition models... This signifies that the lineup will be the same for 2010 as it is for this year, save for some colour changes...

At the end of 2007 they introduced the T-Mobile ISP white team replica bike which carried over to 2008 as the top model bike - i think you'll find the same thing happening with the Rabobank edition for 2010... as an earlier poster pointed out, Giant usually use the same model for a 2 year life cycle before they make any changed other than colour... although from 2007 to 2008 the only changed were to colour, and in 2007 they used a T800/T1000 mix of carbon, however, for 2008 they used T800 carbon only, in the Advanced models (which are now the equivalent of the Advanced SL models)...

So, if you like the current colour schemes then you will be at no disadvantage in buying one right now or waiting for sales at the end of season... Keep in mind, the second year of the life cycle release is often cheaper as well... so you might not make that much savings by buying now on sale as opposed waiting...

For example - in 2007 a Giant TCR Advanced 1 was $5,145.... and then the same bike (new colour and normal Ultegra replaced with Ultegra SL) was $4,595 in 2008... the Advanced 0 was a similar story from around $7,295 for the 2007 to $6,395 for the 2008...

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by range

Anymore info? I've seen info on the MTB range, but not the road bike range. Significant changes in MTB, but I have to agree that there won't be a lot of changes for '10.
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by speedwobbles

i've seen the entire lineup now, and have catalogs. the 2010 tcr adv. sl line is no different except for the sl di2 bike slotting in as the new top of the line. then comes the rabo team bike. the dura ace and sram red bikes don't change (even the colors are pretty similar) and drop about $1000 us in price. the 2009 sl 2 is now the sl 3 w/ 2010 ultegra at about $4000. the regular advanced line doesnt change much except that i think they offer a 7900 build on it. the biggest news is that the frame prices drop to about $2950 and $2750 for the ISP and non-ISP advanced sl frames, respectively. there are also new giant brand carbon stems and bars on most of the higher end models. the stem is a bit like a zipp, but more squared off and with a curve drop (you can see this in the shots posted in the 2010 bikes thread on the di2 advanced sl). the bar is reminiscent of an fsa k-force new ergo bend, with adjustments of both the reach and drop for each bar width, a la ritchey. giant has no plans to offer a bb30 frame, as their bb86 keeps testing stiffer than bb30 in their labs.

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by 743power

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by shapeofthings

I hope the matte look gets more popular through the industry. Cosmetic carbon weave is just fugly and I have never found it attractive.

That 2010 SL 0 and SL 2 looks pretty hot too.

I'm trying to get an interbike pass.

by Weenie

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by Praha19300

in the road bike range the Alliance frameset has had the upgrade this year. The Alliance are one of the most under-rated frames out there & are perfect for everyday racing . Improvements are BB86 bb shell & Advance' sque top & headtube.

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