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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Karma


You were not any harder on me than I deserved. Don't worry about it.

I know what you mean when things go constantly wrong with parts that HAVE to work right. Bummer. A friend of mine and I once went on a 700 mile tour and we discovered that his rear sew-up would slip radially around the rim. It slipped so far that the stem would poke out at about 20 degrees from were it should be. This would happen every day. Each night he would have to re-glue the tire back on the rim. We could not stop the tour to really let the rim cement dry. The stem never did shear off but that was a constant threat. He was not a happy camper. Using the same tires and glue, I had no problems at all. Neither one of us had any flats on that trip. Pretty good, pretty amazing.

I wanted to ask you about inflators. I don't have much exeperience with them. Is it common for them to loose their connection and waste a load of CO2? My one attempt using the one I have was fixing a slow leak in the garage (the garage didn't leak, the tube did). I figured that if I was going to have problems it would be better there than on the road. It did work OK and actually provided more gas that I needed. But I wondered if I would always get good results. What have you found?

Not only could we drill the water bottles, a worthy idea, we could do even more. Have you heard of Heavy water? It's a H2O but the hydrogen atoms have a neutron and thus a larger atomic weight. Well what we need is Light water. Between that and drilled bottles, we really could save some grams.

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by nicrump

i pretty much always get good results. cant recall the brand i am using now. but as you may recall, i mentioned i carry an extra cartridge.... it can occasionally get out of hand.

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