Continental Grand Prix 4000 RS

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by mrfish

I bought the Tour tyre test some months ago. From memory they tested various Contis, Schwalbes plus new Specialized, Vittoria and standard Veloflex tyres, plus a bunch of tubulars.

Conti 4000s was clearly the best general road tyre tested, with close to best rolling resistance, excellent wet grip and puncture resistance. It was so good that I just bought a pair to try when my Veloflex stock runs low or I get fed up with punctures in the winter. Veloflexes did OK in all areas but were weak on puncture resistance.

The Conti Supersonics were only marginally better on rolling resistance and weight than the 4000s, but at the expense of a lot less puncture resistance. In Britain my experience is that you might be lucky on a 10 mile time trial running supersonics, or you might meet some glass or a bit of metal in the road and not finish. Whereas in Switzerland or Singapore with a bit of luck you'd wear out the tyres.

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by stevec1975

My Conti GP4000S I just received came out a bit lighter than I imagined, has there been a change to the spec? should I be worried this is 12 g's underweight from Conti's spec?


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by madmole

Just weighed 8 new 4000s' and they ranged from 197 to 202 grams. So 200g is a good approximation. Use them, Continental Supersonic Inner tubes at 49-52 grams (12 samples) and replace the Rim Tape 21-25g (Fulrum and Mavics own) with Veloplugs 6g for 24 and you are at nearly 80g lighter than most combos a wheel

Also the feel of the Supersonic inners is like latex as they are so thin and flexable but they dont go down overnight and dont puncture as easily
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by Monkeyboy3333

just wear down your normal gps and save your money eh?! What a load of marketing guff

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