Fulcrum Zero Rear Hub Noise.

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by pure_science

Someone please help me. I am getting a really annoying tink tink tink noise from the rear axle of my fulcrum racing zeroes. I have completely dissasembled the hub and greased everything but all it has achieved is to damp the noise of the pawls and make the noise more noticeable. It is not a very loud noise and occurs both when I am pedalling or freecaosting. It only occurs under load....i.e if I get off the bike and spin the wheel there is no noise. It sounds kinda "spokey" in origin if that makes sense.

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by LukeW

I had the same problem but with a set of racing 1's.
Happened on the first 100 mile ride I did on them.
Traced it down to the spokes creaking in the hub. Only happened on mine when I was climbing/hard efforts on the flat

Sprayed some lube in the joint and havent heard the noise since.

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by iscarrr

I know this is an old post, but "spokey" sound is exactly what i've been trying to fix with my Zeros. Cant wait to try some lube around where the spokes meet the hub body.

Thanks for the tip!

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by Horacio

That's the fix, but be prepared for it to return again, again, and again. I ditched those wheels bc of that issue. Great wheels, but they need to have a fix for that problem bc its a royal pita to remove the cassette everytime it starts making noise.
Its the last thing I wanted to hear while grinding it out in a climb.

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by excel11

I had the same problem with my Zeros, and it drove me crazy. Solution was Mobil 1 10w30 on both ends of the spokes. It has been 6 months and not one tick since.
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by Triadcons

I wrestled with this problem for at least two months. First, I thought it was the crank, and fortunately I had a mechanic check it out. Turned out it was defective and was replaced under warranty. Nonetheless, it was not the source of the noise. So, we checked the chainrings/bolts, the rear dropouts, and finally the rear hub. It was completely overhauled and, as a final step, the spoke sockets at the hub were thoroughly lubricated. The noise went away for about 400 miles, and then came back after some heavy-duty climbing. This time the old noise has an accompaniment, a sort of chain-like noise which comes and goes, but when active it follows the complete revolution of the crank -- doesn't make any difference what chainring is engaged.

I'm about ready to give over the wheels -- not worth dealing with a recurring problem which is obviously a design fault. Great wheels, until all this started. They now have something over 35,000 miles on them.

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by superdx

Try really (REALLY) tightening the rear skewer. I had the exact same noise and super tightening the QR solved it for me.

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by Blitzenbuddy

Had a similar issue and thoroughly cleaned and lubed the quick release skewers (including the springs) and the noise went away. Same issue and solution with a HED Ardennes Black wheelset.

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