Cat Brakes Titanium 1.0

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by Tsielio

Does anyone know if the power of these brakes is as good as campa record ones :?: I would buy them for competition use so they have to be very powerfull. Someone has experience with them :?: ... frame.html


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Cat titanium brakes
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by Weenie

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by Glia

I am more of a recreational rider, doing about 200miles a week, so use my input in this frame of mind!
I have replaced my Dura-Ace brakes with the Cat Ti brakes and use them with the Dura-Ace brake shoes on either Topolino wheels or Mavic Kryssum SCC's. Total weight for the pair with the 78g Dura-Ace brake shoes is 212g; the brake alone is indeed only 134g for the pair. The brake is mechanically very well build and looks very cool. Braking power on my clinchers is 100% the same as that of the Dura-Ace! Adjustments are a little more finicky. I have ordered a pair of the Aztec-Ti brake pads which weigh only 48g per pair. That will bring the total weight down to ~180g pair. That's not bad considering that the Dura-Ace stock weigh 318g. I am using these on my everyday training bike and feel confident decending at 50mph. By the way, the Topo wheels are super wheels. Any bit as stiff my as Mavics and 200g lighter.

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by Superlite

I too have the CAT brakes, and I have the Delta Aztec Ti pads. DONT WASTE YOU MONEY ON THOSE PADS. Braking power is seriously diminished, partially due to the pad compound, and partially due to the small surface area of the pad.

But back to the subject, CAT brakes are pretty damned good, like Gila said, power as good as, if not better than 2003 DA. The only downside is instalation. They are a royal pain to set up, and the tension spring is always popping out. I had to dissasemble the whole thing and bend the springs to keep them from popping out. :( Plus the centering of them is super hard, better instructions needed. If you make them too tight the brake arms have difficulity moving, so you need to get them just right. But, once there set up they are a charm.
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by giovanni

I just bought my cat brakes about 2 months ago and have nothing but good thing's to say about them.
They were replacing my campy record brakes and I dont miss them one bit, I thought I was goin to give up performance for weight and found this not to be the case.
I frequently desend with them since I have to ride 4.7 miles down and up to get home and back when going on rides and they have never failed :D ,
Theese brakes are GREAT!!!!!!.

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