one wheelset for everything?

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by thesmallone

Hi there - long time reader of the site, only just joined. Lots of expertise here so really looking for some help before I part with cash. :?

I have a pair of training wheels, and a winter bike for the really rubbish weather.
Just bought new frame (argon 18 gallium) :D and want some nice wheels to finish off.

Clinchers. Shimano. But here's the quandary:
I need them to do some racing and fast sportive riding, but also stand up to cobbled sportives e.g Flanders and Roubaix. Can I get one wheelset to do all that - budget £4-500? Have no pereference or prejudice over factory / brand / handbuilt. Would like to manage with one set to make better use of budget? I'm 64 kg if relevant.
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by Weenie

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by prendrefeu

thesmallone wrote:one wheel for everything?

One wheel? I think there's a forum for that.
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by rruff

The only conflict you will have is that wheels with a reasonably deep aluminum clincher (like the Kinlin XR270) would be a hair faster on the normal roads, but shallower rims will give a slightly better vibration response on cobbles. Either way, some CX-Rays and nice hubs will work well. There are a couple of UK custom builders on the Wheelbuilding Thread that could help you.

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by thesmallone

prendrefeu wrote:
thesmallone wrote:one wheel for everything?

One wheel? I think there's a forum for that.

amended title :roll:

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by welcomdmat

Shimano makes a couple of nice tubeless wheels. I have done a fair bit of racing on some of the early Shimano tubeless creations and found them to be comfortable, smooth, and durable. They have come down some in weight though are still not light weight compared to some. I rode them with the Hutchinson tires which were very nice if not the most durable tires.

I have a set of Kinlin rim'd wheels (xr300) -- they are nice, but they are narrow. I like them in some situations, but I don't know about the best for all-round. The narrowness makes the tires feel a little less stable in a hard US crit turn.

If you are looking for tubulars, I would recommend hand builts as you can select parts and build a durable, laterally stiff 24/28 wheelset that should carry you through about anything (with an experienced builder at the helm). $$ can add up quick when choosing your parts.

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by yourdaguy

Shimano on Ebay.
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by exhibitx

handbuilts for sure

dt 180 or 240 hubs

dt rr 1.1 or mavic open pro rims

nice spokes like aerolites or cx-rays

brass nipples

i would say because of the cobbles you should go box rim which limits you somewhat, the rr 1.1 and the open pros are super strong without being overly heavy

you could also lighten them up with some veloplugs instead of rim tape

certainly not the lightest wheelset, but it sounds like you need a really solid set of wheels

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by mitre_tester

If one wheelset could do everything well, we'd all only have one pair of wheels. For the cobbles, I'd go for Open Pro on Hope with 32 DT Competition spokes. Unless you've got money to burn, there's not much point upgrading to Aerolites/CX-Rays on this build. About £270 for the Hope factory built version. For everything else, Shimano RS80, just over £300 if you shop around. Of course, you can race and do sportives on the Hope/Open Pro, if you're any good you can win on them too, even if the opposition is on £2k carbon wheels.

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by tochnics

i agree on the hope/open pro built, all can be have reasonbely cheap and almost everywhere availebel
those bits are light enough en sure strong enough
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by devinci

xr-200 32/32 dt competition with good hubs?


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by occor

Hand built

DT RR 415 or Kinlin xr-200 or Ambrosio Excellight SSC 32h
DT 180 or 240 or Shimano Dura Ace hubs 32h
DT competition or Sapim Race spokes
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by kdogg32

I'm starting to really enjoy my Fulcrum Racing One 2-ways w/ Hutchison tubeless tires given the different pressures that can be run depending on conditions. I have standard clinchers and tubulars as well, but if I could only use one it would likely be the tubeless. Everything about them is easy. A number of manufacturers are beginning to make more rim and tire options, so your choices should only get better with time. IMHO.

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by dhfreak

X2 for the Fulcrum Racing Ones for a pre-built wheel. As for a custom build, I'm a big fan of anything White Industries makes; as for rims, check out the Velocity Aerohead's, and than some DT Triple butted spokes. Maybe not the lightest you could build, but bullet proof!


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by Guibarhu

If I only could have a pair of wheels my choice go for the Campy Neutron or the Neutron ultra...they are bomb proof,and not to heavy,I have ride with it on the cobbles of Flanders and also cyclocross,great wheels.bye

by Weenie

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by Getter

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