Tune Skyline Olympic Gold wheels --- Under 1000g

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by chinphu

Hello. Does anyone have more info on these wheels? How much do they weigh exactly?

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by Superlite

This wheels are probley something you don't want. They are VERY flexy. Only recomended for time trials and seated use. You can get the reynolds cirro ul kom 1050g and much stiffer, plus if you wanted to you could replace the hubs with lighter ones and make the set around 950g and they would still be really stiff.

by Weenie

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by HäddaFahn

Any and i mean any wheel front or rear should have a stiffness of at least 40 NM. Sees wheels got a lower one so yu can be sure of it, that they will touch the breaks while climbing or sprinting. Just some very light riders can use them.

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