New powermeter rumours

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by coppercook62


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by HammerTime2

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by MarkTwain

Great, more vapourware to stop customers ordering with an opposition brand...

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by maxxevv

For real it seems as there was a product demo for it at the Taipei Bike Show.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Was on David Tanner's bike at Nationals.

It exists. And works.

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by Scansorial

I emailed Pioneer about the new Ultegra PM and they told me it will be available for purchase on the last week of March.

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by theredmiata

I'm still on the Brim Brothers pre-order list and received the following email:

The Zone power meter will be launched in August 2014. When the Zone is available we will work our way down the pre-order list in the order they were received, offering one to each in turn. When we make an offer to you you will be free to accept or decline as you wish. The big question I know you want to ask is what the price will be. The price and full specifications will be published nearer the launch date so you will have all the information you need to make the decision.

The email also asked 3 questions (only remembered two of them) : What is current power meter? Do you ride on speedplay pedals?

Wonder how long it will be before they make it adaptable to other pedals namely shimanos.

Ian in SD.

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by euan

As on the previous page
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by jooo

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by durianrider

Ive got 5 Stages Cycling power meters. Nothing compares. Nothing is lighter, stiffer or easier to fit. Team Sky using them now after ditching the SRM lead weights.

Why add more than 14grams to your bike to get power? Its 2014. Not 2006. ;)
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by TimW

Except that it's only for alloy cranksets and it's not as accurate as some other solutions. That's why Movistar (top ranking team last year) use Power2Max :lol:

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by Geoff

14g :roll: . The bike still has to be UCI-legal. It is great to see the power options out there, for sure, but I'm still pretty happy with SRM.

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by BeeSeeBee

Because this:
From ... eview.html

For some, it makes too many assumptions and isn't useful in some situations. For others, it suits their needs.
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by Butcher

This is just more proof that a trained professional will ride what they are paying him/her to ride on/with. Few exceptions, but not many. If I had a lot of money or wanted to train with the best, Stages is not what I would use.

Not saying Stages does not have a purpose or is junk.

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by emorydptt

It's awesome to have so many different options for powermeters.
This definitely keeps the prices relatively low.
Stages maybe different compared to other options as DCRainmaker illustrated, however if you are consistent within yourself, then it doesn't really matter when it comes to training.
You numbers maybe a little low compared to others.
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