New powermeter rumours

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by nefariousintent

Because its the internet
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by DartanianX

I know they're on P2Max.

I'm not disputing it, just pointing out that you linked a photo from Costa at Tour de Suisse claiming he was on a power meter that he wasn't on at that point in time.

Had a different photo been used to back up your argument, there'd be no issue.

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by maquisard

You posted a picture of him in the final stage stating he was using a P2Max, he wasn't, that is what we were disputing.

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by AndreLM

There you are... Rotor Power LT.
Left-crank only
P2M was being used by Lampre for testing and validation (as mentioned by Mario Jr) ... ech-41631/

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by rma

Regarding SRM, has anyone seen the PC8 in the field?

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by jpanspac

You guys are so funny with your endless debates about what the pros may or may not be using. I'll bet some of you whip out magnifying glasses to study race photos. Who the hell cares what they use?
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by AndreLM

I think that when a Rotor-sponsored team is seen using a Power2Max, and that is linked to a launch of a new powermeter from Rotor, that fits well into a "New powermeter rumors" thread here. For more than one reason.

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by twoangstroms

Totally stupid newb question, but I think my brain was recently broken by trying to normalize parts between a 2010 mountain bike and what's available for replacements/upgrade. I swear, it's like dealing with Linux 10 years ago.

Anyway. Since I sold my SRM a few years ago, I've moved forward with my road bike, but am tempted to get back into racing (masters cat up, been mentoring) and training by power worked well for me. But I am lost in terms of options.

For instance, I really like my team crankset ( ... d-crankset), but don't want to go with a hub-based system, as I have to swap wheels on occasion. Stages won't work, since these cranks are carbon. What are my best options, based on the conclusions this group mind has come to?

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by kulivontot

Garmin vector? Except it's a MTB

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by AndreLM

There are a few options:
A Quarq Red 22 would be very similar to what you have today, but it would mean buying a complete new crankset:

SRM also has a version for SRAM Red (also new crank)

If you want o keep your existing SRAM Red crankset, and if it is a GXP version, you can use an Aluminum SRAM Rival Stages (replacing only your left side crankarm).

Another option would be a Garmin Vector (pedal based), and you could keep both of your cranks.

PS: some people use Garmin Vectors without a problem, but since I don't like the look platform, I went with a crank based PM (Power2Max with Rotor cranks).

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by twoangstroms

Thanks for the info.

Yes, trying to reduce dollars spent and leftover equipment, so getting a whole new crankset seemed wasteful -- and I should have said that it's BB30 (for a Felt team bike), so the otherwise interesting idea of a Stages crankarm doesn't seem to be an option at the moment.

How about Power2Max? I guess I am free to swap pedal platforms to go with the Vector, though that's almost the same price as a Quarq.

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by mentok

p2m classic FSA gossamer is probably the cheapest option (in USD) that suits your needs. if you want something nicer (the gossamer is fine, but it's not exactly weight weenie or boutique) then get the p2m classic rotor 3d+. this is getting up to quarq money though. if you can spring a few more dollars you can get a quarq red 22 and it will practically be like-for-like with your current crankset.

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by ghisallo2003

ghisallo2003 wrote:Any sign of team Garmin actually using Garmin Vectors yet? I looked at the pictures from Australian nationals and could not see the pods.

I would love to see this happening and would view it as a very positive sign. In the meantime….

Does anyone have any pictures of the Garmin guys training on other Powermeters?

Current use of Vectors at TdF is hardly an endorsement of your team sponsor. Yes, I know they are leaving as title sponsor, but still...

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by twoangstroms

Okay, given the constraints (BB30, existing crank is carbon Red not-22 so no Stages or just swapping a spider, existing Garmin 500), it seems the options are down to Power2Max and Quarq, both requiring some replacement of existing cranksets.

Given that the prices are roughly equivalent, and I'm in the US, which would be the preferred option?

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by AndreLM

Frankly, I think it comes down mostly to personal preference / looks / weight.

Quarq has more time on the market, and a good reputation (I would say especially in Triathlon). They used to have some problems with zero-offset going off with temperature changes, but I don't hear many complaints about the Riken/Elsa. They also have a good reputation in supporting the units out there.

P2M is newer, but I am quite impressed with how fast they evolved. 1st gen had issues with temperature changes, but they implemented temperature compensation. They are not the lightest, but the new Type-S is not that heavy anymore. They've built a good reputation of being a "simply works" solution.

I used to have a Quarq Riken in my previous bike. I had one issue with it: it locked-up for no apparent reason, and I had to reset it. I never had any evidence that it was drifting or giving me wrong values.

For my new bike I chose P2M for some reasons:
- I like the looks of the new gen Rotor 3D+ cranks, and also the possibility to move it to another bike (it is essentially a BB386 crank, and I could use in any BB, except in a Trek/BB90)
- I like the fact that I can remove the PM and use a regular spider in case the PM dies and I have to send it back for repair
- The new Type-S really seems like an evolution from previous generations... most of concerns have been somewhat addressed (temperature compensation, weight, the recommendation to use a specific brand of batteries). The new battery cover uses a very clever solution to protect the internals from humidity (you need a screwdriver, which I don't carry with me on the road... but frankly, I also do not carry spare batteries... if the PM dies, I simply ride home)
- Nicolas from P2M is always around here and in Slowtwitch, and if you send him an e-mail using P2M webform, he will give honest, non-BS responses

I don't have many miles on my P2M. The values are consistent, but I cannot yet give a personal opinion about long-term reliability and consistency. The reputation is good.

(I am in no way affiliated with P2M, Quarq or any other PM manufacturer).

DC Rainmaker is one of the best resources for bike-related tech, he prepared a PM buers guide a few months ago: ... ition.html

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