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I'd give Track Racing a go if I had access to a track bike

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by Bruiser

What weight should I be looking for in a second hand track bike?
I'm looking for a cheap intro to track, so I'm considering striping a cheap road bike. Has anyone done this recently?

Tips/Suggestions anyone?



by Cyco

Unfortunatley a road frame cannot be used on the track as the BB is to low (on most) and the rear does not have the horisontal tips long enough to allow chain tension ajustment. To make this just a bit more difficult if you still want to try is that a road rear end is spaced 130mm and track hubs are spaced 120mm.

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by Joel

The weight of a trake bike isn't very important. The bike has to be so stiff as possible, especially the wheels. That's why pista wheels have highflanges, crossed spokes and more spokes than a road wheel.

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by gravity

Most velodromes won't allow a road -> track conversion on the track.

With the decline of fixed gear riding on the street, i think a second hand frame wouldnt be too cost prohibitive.

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