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by skiezo

I am looking for a durable mid priced tubular tire.
These will be an everyday tire.
They will be on a set of escape rims with a dt rear hub and a american clasic micro front hub.
Not looking for a lite tire for these wheels. Just something that will last.
I have a set of Challenge CRITERIUM tires on my zero component wheels for our fast and mountain rides.
Just do not like to run the carbon wheels on my every day rides.
The tufo s22 seems like it might fit the bill. also the Schwalbe Milano are an option.
Any thing else were I can get away with below $100 per set that is durable?

Thanks Brian

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Giant DK
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by Giant DK

Sorry I don't have an answer to your question. But I have actually bourght the Challenge Critterium as my durable pay of tubulars. Haven't ridden them yet, so I am interested in hearing how you find them?
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by Weenie

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by Leloby

Vredestein Volante are really cheap and very durable. You could probably go touring on them.

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by irwan

Vittoria Rally. Cheap and great for training. It'll last for years too. :)

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by Ant

Giant DK wrote: I have actually bourght the Challenge Critterium as my durable pay of tubulars.

Me too

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by coloclimber

I've used Conti Sprinters as daily rollers for years and they hold up well. Not the best ride quality but more than adequate. You can find them for $30-40 a tire pretty easily. Cheaper than a lot of clinchers now days.
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by caleb

Conti Sprinter Gatorskin (heavier) or Steher (lighter) would be good everyday options.

by Weenie

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by currieinahurry

one of my mates who used to ride/race for a french team has been racing recently on the rallys and doing pretty well!!

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